Cutting Edge: Graduate Design

Justine Boussard and Betsy Lewis-Holmes

Cutting Edge: Graduate Design, curated by Betsy Lewis-Holmes and Justine Boussard, brought together a selection of emerging designers, handpicked from the London 2012 graduate shows and fairs for the Stables Gallery visitors.  It exhibited at the Stables Gallery, Orleans House Gallery in Twickenham from 4 October – 18 November 2012.








The group of designers presented were all recent MA graduates from London’s best design colleges: The Royal College of Art, Camberwell College of Arts, Chelsea College of Art and Design and Central Saint Martin’s. Altogether, they formed a condensed panorama of contemporary design research.


Taken out of the frenzy and effervescence of shows and fairs into a smaller, more exclusive environment, each piece had the opportunity to express its full potential in a space ideal for showing off design, with its contrasting original eighteenth century features.  The exhibition showcased different types of design, from slashed furniture to haunting graphics and jewellery, including more process-based works that explore time and materiality.  Cutting Edge was no ordinary design shop. The curators guided the visitors through to the beating pulse of design creation, as experimentation and process held pride of place.






A week after the tenth anniversary of the London Design Festival, the capital was at the centre of the design world, and Cutting Edge was the opportunity for Twickenham and the gallery visitors to take an active role in contemporary creation by meeting and supporting emerging designers at a crucial point in their career.  Indeed, cutting edge design is not inaccessible design; on the contrary, it is design for the public.