How to write a funding application: part 1

A KMost application forms will have a section on your proposed audience. These questions may be of use to anyone planning a project that involves engagement:

• Who are the primary, secondary audience? Primary audiences being those who come or contribute, secondary those who talk to those people or hear about the event in media. It’s hard to build an audience from scratch, so identify your groups early on (ideally you will have developed the project with them, you may have run consultation or use ideas from another event)

• How will your audience feedback into the event as a whole i.e. at all stages – research, development, on-the-day as well as post-event evaluation? It is also worth thinking about whether your audience want this event – can you do a consultation to identify what they want from you?

• What are the outcomes? How will you measure them?

• How will this project feedback into your practice/research and moving forward what will you ‘do’ with the audiences we have engaged?

• How is it going to benefit ourselves and the wider community?

• What are the audience gaining from your event?

These questions are not only important for writing the funding bid, they really help hone what it is you are trying to do, give and gain from bringing people together in your way. It helps articulate the meaning of your event. A crucial moment in the conceptual development of Exewhirr was the realisation that we weren’t trying to engage just ‘any old general public.’ There is always a tendency, when planning an event, to think that everyone would find this interesting….but that’s just not very likely. There are people that care more. Find those people, talk to them, and see what they want from you.