Kicked Out!

Helen Kearney and Justine Boussard

In recent years many of our friends, colleagues, students, collaborators, have moved from London to elsewhere, unable to stay in London and practice due to arcane visa regulations that have been brought in recently.  We are researching the effects of this, and producing work under the title “Kicked Out!”.  We would love you to be a part of the project; to contribute your experiences.  Please leave any stories you have related to this idea in the comments box below.


Kicked Out! is a creative research project by Fig. 9 member Justine Boussard and jewellery designer Alice McLean to document and exhibit the work of designers who are being or have been forced to leave our city.  These are young, creative, innovative entrepreneurs who would have loved to have stayed in London, to work here and contribute to the economy here – but because of new visa regulations, have been or will soon be kicked out (click here to read the post Save London: Dumb Visas on this subject).  This project will experiment with what it means to build a contemporary archive and the role of the historian and the designer in current debates.

Kicked Out! was prompted by the essay ‘Stay in London’, part of the SAVE LONDON series by Helen Kearney: Essay 4, ‘Stay in London: New Visa Regulations’ considers the history of the trope of the émigré in art and design – of Hemingway in Paris, for example, and explains how it is that recent visa changes are skewed to not let artists/designers stay in the UK, and proposes a new form of visa to correct this.  To read more, click here.


If you have a story about this – if you, or a friend/colleague/student of yours has been affected in some way by the new visa regulations, we would like you to leave an account of your experience in the comments box below.  Could you please state:

– Your name, practice, and provide a link to your website (if applicable)

– Your “Kicked Out!” story

– Please tell us if you are happy to have the above published online on this site.

Thank you!


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