Making Enhanced, 8-11 May at Saatchi Gallery, Collect 2015

Making Enhanced key imageOver the past year, four Fig.9 members have been involved in a post-disciplinary research project which sees makers and historians push boundaries across disciplines, experiment and work in close partnership.

Though we rarely meet, historians and designers often work in parallel and feed off each other. Through Making Enhanced we want to implement a dynamic, integrated way of working that hacks through this unexplored territory.

Since the first idea came about, Making Enhanced has steadily been gathering attention.

Back in December, this collaborative experiment was selected to be part of the Crafts Council COLLECT Open. After what can only be called an epic Kickstarter Campaign in March, we raised the necessary funds to build our display and produce a first body of work which will be shown at the Saatchi Gallery next week.

For this exhibition, we will be introducing the research projects of four pairs – representing a total of 12 individuals who come from architecture, design, jewellery, curation, writing, history and ceramics.

Ceramicist Tamsin van Essen is collaborating with medical historian and artist Betsy Lewis-Holmes. They will explore themes surrounding health, ritual, identity and the human condition in the nineteenth century, examining our complex relationship with material objects.

Designer Maker Jennifer Gray and Historian Soersha Dyon will be working on material displacement and object typologies in early-modern France.

Jewellery Designer Alice McLean and writer Justine Boussard will explore how objects can help revive and promote the local history of their neighborhood, Peckham in London, in a way that can be shared by all.

Architectural cooperative PUG and Historian Helen Kearney will explore themes surrounding architecture and design in contemporary London. PUG and Helen Kearney will be imagining a transformation of the Houses of Parliament site, tackling issues of urban design, politics and social policy.

If you are planning to visit Collect this year, come see us! We are on the top floor!