RCA/V&A History of Design MA Course: 30th Anniversary Research Bulletin

Katherine Elliott and Soersha Dyon, with Deshna Mehta

We were tasked with creating a special issue of the RCA/V&A Postgraduate course bulletin aimed at highlighting the research produced by its MA and PhD students as well as showcasing the rich history of the course.  Working in tandem with graphic designer Deshna Mehta, we strove to create a visual and written identity that reflected the three strands of the MA – Modern, Asian and Early Modern – highlighting both their individual and collective strengths.  By managing the project in its entirety we were able to apply this identity across the entire publication, including the accompanying prospectus material.  We were also tasked with writing a strong editorial for the bulletin reflecting on the continued strength and creativity of the course and its students after 30 very successful years.