Remix: New Ways of Making

Justine Boussard

Design Beyond Reproduction: The Object in the Age of Digital Remixing





This article was originally published, alongside ‘Everything Can Serve’ by Emile de Visscher, in a brochure accompanying the exhibition Remix: New Ways of Making, at the Frameless Gallery, London, held 26-30 October 2012.  Remix, curated by Ben Alun Jones, explored how ideas of creativity, materiality and ownership are questioned by recent technological developments.  The artists and designers involved, from the fields of music, interactive design, fashion, product design, textiles, architecture, and critical theory, included Imme van der Haak, The Polyfloss Factory, Hannah Morgan, Jess Meek and Emma Elston.  Rethinking the designer’s place in the modern era when any object can be reproduced, the exhibition interrogated ideas of remixing physical objects to develop something new and unique, but at the same time inherited from prior work.  This essay is a response to this phenomenon.