Save London

Helen Kearney

SAVE LONDON is a creative research project; a set of ideas that we explore through creative acts.
Our subject matter is LONDON;
Our questions relate to politics;
Our method is creative – design, architecture, writing, history, art – are the tools we use to research our area of interest.







/ WHAT ? /
We ask questions about the way that politics operates in our city.  Our area of expertise and practice is design; it is through design, and writing about design, that we are able to ask questions and challenge assumptions about London and its systems.
We are interested in the design and architecture of London and how the city is experienced by its inhabitants. The starting point is a set of eight essays, which each investigate the history of one particular subject, and then set out a proposition for the future.  The subject matter includes: access to housing in London, regeneration, forms of protest, location and role of art and design in the city, and immigration policies that affect designers.

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