Unmaking Things: A Design History Studio

UNMAKING THINGS: A Design History Studio is a creative space for exploring innovative approaches to the study of design and objects. Launched in October 2011, the site was founded, designed, marketed, edited and run by seven students on the 2012 RCA/V&A History of Design MA course – six of whom are members of Fig.9 collective.  Posting articles on a rolling basis, Unmaking Things consisted of six columns, each addressing different topics of concern to the design historian: theory, craft, industry, collections, and the boundaries between the global and local, art and design. 

Unmaking Things was conceived out of the belief that having an outward-facing, experimental space is critical to the development of our field and practice.  We created our own digital studio – a constant open workshop where we could collaboratively make and un-make objects, history, design, and theory.  Unmaking Things was about trying out ideas, making mistakes, discovering interesting lines of thought, starting debates, and finding out what works and what does not – and it still is.  Having passed on our creation to successive students of the RCA/V&A course, we are pleased to see that it grows from strength to strength, changing editors each year and continuing to cover a diverse range of topics.

Visit the site in its current incarnation, or peruse the archive for vintage articles: unmakingthings.com

Follow the current Unmaking Things team on twitter: @unmakingthings