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Helen Cresswell and Ruth Mason is an online space dedicated to exploring the 1862 International Exhibition.

Edmund Walker, ‘Interior of the international exhibition of 1862′, 1862, watercolour, 74.5 x 104.6 cm. Victoria and Albert Museum, 1110-1901 © V&A, 2014

This project is the development of research begun during our studies upon the V&A/RCA History of Design MA. It documents our research journey, conducts object-based investigations and engages with broader intellectual debates around the study of human experience.

The site is intended to become a forum for the various voices interested in 1862 and nineteenth-century exhibitions more generally, in order to initiate dialogues that travel beyond the walls of the exhibition and South Kensington.








Keen to share the approaches and tools of Design History with a wider audience and engage in cross-disciplinary interaction, we welcome all related knowledge – particularly concerning individual visitors to 1862 – material, photo essays, written contributions and comments that readers wish to share.

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